Final Reflection

This is it! My last blog post as a student in JMC 3433. Blogging has been an interesting adjustment, but definitely a fun one.

For our final project, I wanted to look at my time in this course as a whole Thus, I created a fun little storyboard about the roller coaster of emotions I felt in my time in PR Pubs. Upon further reflection, I think Storyboard That was a good medium for me to choose, because it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and I think that may have been what I needed during this course. When I finally just decided to give things a try and didn’t worry about the outcome, I really started to get to know my way around the Creative Cloud programs.

My Summary of Learning broke down my time in this class that allowed the viewer to understand the growth I have experienced during this 8 week course. Initially, I thought this class would be really easy and frankly, a little boring. For a while, I even thought it would be four weeks! By week three, I realized I needed to buckle down and really work on learning the Creative Cloud programs.I couldn’t be scared of InDesign forever! And by week 6, that felt like it had started to pay off when I approached my newsletter project with ease.

I’ve really enjoyed this course and I can’t wait to be in a setting where someone is in dire need of assistance using InDesign (as long as their question isn’t too advanced).

Made with Storyboard That


Week 6: Reflection

We are in the home stretch of PR Publications, and this week our project was a bit more involved. We were asked to design a newsletter for a Fortune 500 company of our choosing. Of course, this meant we were heading back to InDesign. This time around, however, I didn’t shudder at that thought. In fact, I finally feel pretty comfortable with the program. I didn’t have to look up how to do any of the things I wanted, which was a rewarding feeling. With that in mind, I was pleased with the newsletter I produced this week. The company I chose was Target, which has a really recognizable brand and voice. After I browsed the company blog for inspiration, it was pretty easy to pick up that the public they were targeting online was mothers. The articles were fashion and beauty heavy, with some recipes thrown in there as well. Thus, I chose articles for my own newsletter that would appeal to that demographic, as well as a sleek and uncluttered design. Here you can check out my Newsletter FinalThe Bullseye.


This week, we were asked to explore the programs in our digital toolbox-namely, Photoshop and InDesign. I worked a little bit with Photoshop in my photography classes in high school, but I never gained confidence in my ability to navigate the program. And in all honesty, I was completely unfamiliar with InDesign. Thus, I was extremely nervous to start this weeks assignment.

The tutorials on were helpful, and I at least got my bearings once again in Photoshop.Once I opened up the exercise files and started working along with the tutorial, some of the basics started coming back to me.  InDesign was a different story. It was daunting for me to begin with, and I found myself repeating many of the tutorial videos. The Newspaper Markup was a welcomed break, and I enjoyed getting to work finding the elements of a newspaper. It also made for a helpful visual. Finally, I just decided to dive into the Typsetting assignment and figure it out as I went along.

This proved to be very time consuming, and resulted in me getting frustrated at times. I felt like I was taking too long to complete the typesetting assignment…it seemed so easy! I felt as if I had never used a computer; suddenly everything on my keyboard and screen seemed foreign. Though the initial challenges did make finishing the assignment all the more rewarding, I was still frustrated that there were certain skills I just couldn’t grasp.

In no way was I surprised by my reaction to this assignment;  I definitely have a tendency to get frustrated with myself when I cannot produce a product I am happy with on the first try. This is definitely unrealistic, but I have always been somewhat of a perfectionist.  InDesign remains a challenge for me, but thankfully I’ve found additional resources to help me on Adobe forums and YouTube. Hopefully with more practice I can feel more comfortable with my next assignments.