Digital Doubt: Gauging the Success of Advertising on Social Media

The Wall Street Journal recently published a piece voicing the concern of marketers and their clients who fear that the metrics determining the success and value of digital ads placed on social networking platforms are flimsy. Social media feels like the final frontier for advertising, and the opportunities for monetizing these platforms are apparent. However, I understand the hesitation of major companies to continue funneling millions of dollars into a format that may not yield the cut-and-dry results that one might expect from advertising on traditional channels. But as the consumer continues to transition online, it is unwise to assume that advertising on social platforms is futile. In the early stages of this transition, it is expected that results may be hard to pin down, but as advertisers continue to blaze the trail online, the benchmark of success will become more concrete. Besides, the “success” of a campaign on social media spans far beyond profit. Now, companies can build a brand entirely online, giving them a direct channel to the consumer. That alone is valuable.