Final Reflection

This is it! My last blog post as a student in JMC 3433. Blogging has been an interesting adjustment, but definitely a fun one.

For our final project, I wanted to look at my time in this course as a whole Thus, I created a fun little storyboard about the roller coaster of emotions I felt in my time in PR Pubs. Upon further reflection, I think Storyboard That was a good medium for me to choose, because it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and I think that may have been what I needed during this course. When I finally just decided to give things a try and didn’t worry about the outcome, I really started to get to know my way around the Creative Cloud programs.

My Summary of Learning broke down my time in this class that allowed the viewer to understand the growth I have experienced during this 8 week course. Initially, I thought this class would be really easy and frankly, a little boring. For a while, I even thought it would be four weeks! By week three, I realized I needed to buckle down and really work on learning the Creative Cloud programs.I couldn’t be scared of InDesign forever! And by week 6, that felt like it had started to pay off when I approached my newsletter project with ease.

I’ve really enjoyed this course and I can’t wait to be in a setting where someone is in dire need of assistance using InDesign (as long as their question isn’t too advanced).

Made with Storyboard That


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