Final Reflection

This is it! My last blog post as a student in JMC 3433. Blogging has been an interesting adjustment, but definitely a fun one.

For our final project, I wanted to look at my time in this course as a whole Thus, I created a fun little storyboard about the roller coaster of emotions I felt in my time in PR Pubs. Upon further reflection, I think Storyboard That was a good medium for me to choose, because it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and I think that may have been what I needed during this course. When I finally just decided to give things a try and didn’t worry about the outcome, I really started to get to know my way around the Creative Cloud programs.

My Summary of Learning broke down my time in this class that allowed the viewer to understand the growth I have experienced during this 8 week course. Initially, I thought this class would be really easy and frankly, a little boring. For a while, I even thought it would be four weeks! By week three, I realized I needed to buckle down and really work on learning the Creative Cloud programs.I couldn’t be scared of InDesign forever! And by week 6, that felt like it had started to pay off when I approached my newsletter project with ease.

I’ve really enjoyed this course and I can’t wait to be in a setting where someone is in dire need of assistance using InDesign (as long as their question isn’t too advanced).

Made with Storyboard That


Summary of Learning: Action Plan

As I stated previously, I plan to use Storyboard That to tell the tale of my journey through PR Publications.

To prepare for my Summary of Learning, I went back through all my blog posts and really tried to visualize how I approached each project. This class has helped me become more strategic in how I approach projects, rather than just jump in. I wanted to try to remember how I felt each week when posed with a new assignment. I think the best way to get a full visual of my time in this course is to look at it in cross sections (week one, week three, week 6). At each point in time, I had very different feelings and I want to capture that.


I am actually very excited to continue the use of this blog. I had a different blog prior to this one, but I never managed to produce a steady stream of content. When it came time to create a blog for class, I scrapped my old URL and decided to use this one full time.

I enjoyed blogging for this class because it doubled as an opportunity to accumulate some relevant posts and showcase some of the projects I had done. Moving forward, I would like to continue to put work into my portfolio, but I’ll likely shift gears when it comes to blog topics. I see this page becoming more of an aggregate of content-from posts for other classes to my musings on topics pertinent to PR. I would like this to be a place where I can showcase what I have learned in college and at my internship, while also maintaining my own voice.

Summary of Learning: Medium

I decided to create a visual representation of my journey through PR Publications using Storyboard That, a website that lets the user create cartoon storyboards on any topic. I was a little intimidated at the thought of creating a video (I would likely need Lynda videos for that), and a storyboard seems fun to make and doesn’t take itself too seriously. I think Storyboard That will enable me to make a relevant visual about my time in this course that is appealing, but also straight forward.

Summary of Learning: Part 1

As I read through each blog post from the last seven weeks, I couldn’t help but be proud of my growth in confidence throughout the course. Each week, my posts showed that I was slowly becoming more comfortable with the programs we used. My frustration was fairly transparent in the reflection post following the first project. But each week, I could tell that subsided a bit. The Canva project was a highlight, and that translated in my post. With each week, it became more apparent that as I honed my skills and felt more comfortable executing my vision for each project. I liked taking a holistic approach to looking back on my journey through this course, because it really gave me a chance to see how much I have learned. I was intimidated by this course at first, because it was so far out of my comfort zone. I wasn’t very familiar with InDesign or Photoshop, and I felt like that hindered my ability to do well in the class. But I quickly learned this wasn’t the case, and in actuality, this course really helped me grow and develop new skills that are relevant to my future career. My familiarity with these programs is just another communications tool in my belt that can set me apart from others.