Week 5: Reflection

I’m not going to lie…this week’s assignment was fun. We were introduced to Canva, a web-based design app that makes it ridiculously easy to create aesthetically pleasing layouts for social media and beyond. Our assignment in particular was oriented around social media. Below you’ll find the Facebook and Twitter covers I designed, as well as a Facebook and Instagram post. All four of these images were created for the cosmetics company Colourpop. I specifically chose this Colourpop because I love makeup and I knew I could have fun creating images that felt on-brand for a company with a younger audience. Canva definitely helped me achieve that. The site was incredibly user-friendly, and many of the layouts were pre-calibrated for use with various social media platforms. One benefit of Canva is that beyond layouts, there are so many fonts, images, and backgrounds for the user to choose from to generate their image. At the same time, this is a little bit of a downside. In a pinch, Canva is a surefire way to make sure the image your organization is posting to Facebook is visually appealing. However, it is a little limiting. But for someone who isn’t necessarily a Photoshop or InDesign pro (me), Canva is a great design tool. It has many valuable uses and is a great addition to anyone’s digital tool kit.

When I looked on Colourpop’s website, they were advertising a “subscribe and save” type deal, so that’s the message I chose to promote across all social media.

Colourpop fb cover

colourpop twitter

With the Facebook and Instagram posts below, I opted not to include the Colourpop logo so the images could integrate more seamlessly in both applications feeds and look less like promos for ongoing savings.

colourpop fb postcolourpop ig final


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