In week four, we were asked to complete our second project: two direct mailers. Acting as OU Recruitment Services, I distinguished two specific stakeholders I intended to target with these direct mailers. Being an out of state student myself, I decided to define my stakeholders as out of state high school students and their parents. Initially, this week seemed like a lot of work, so I was a little worried. But I quickly realized that the segmentation matrix, which was a concept I was unfamiliar with, ended up being extremely helpful. Actually, I started to enjoy filling out each box with my stakeholder in mind. Photoshop, however, proved to be a different beast this week. I quickly realized that the program didn’t like my text to be in anything but caps, no matter the font. I tried a few tips to solve the issue (thank you, Google) but nothing would solve my problem. So, my final product ended up being two mailers that I was pretty happy with, just aggressively written in all caps. Attention grabbing, I guess? This was really frustrating to me because I felt like my vision for the mailers was executed and the font was such a minor detail that really made a big impact, and not in the way I wanted too. I was also a little defeated because Photoshop was the program I thought I knew my way around a little more. Despite all of this, I found myself navigating the other aspects of Photoshop pretty handily. Photoshop feels more straightforward than InDesign, and in that aspect, I definitely prefer it.

Below you will find the mailers I created. In the first, directed at the students themselves, I wanted to paint a picture of a united student body, regardless of home state. The photo of students at a football game was a calculated choice, because I wanted to make sure students saw something fun and exciting. For the parents’ mailer, however, I decided to do something with a more mature feel that focused more on academics. The front is image driven,  with the hopes of cutting through the college mailer clutter that so many households receive as their child gets closer to decision time. I also decided to use the tagline “come find out why there’s only one” for some continuity between the two.



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