This week, we we asked to complete our first design project: a business card and a letterhead for an organization of our choice. At first, it seemed a little daunting given the fact that I left the assignment last week feeling completely defeated by InDesign. But when I finally began the process of creating both documents, I felt much more prepared this time around. The research I had completed about the Oklahoma Arts Council as well as the helpful video about starting the document really helped me feel like I was ready to tackle the first project.

The only frustration I had this week was that my InDesign skills (or lack thereof) didn’t seem to be keeping up with the vision I had in my brain for my documents, particularly the business card. Creating the inspiration board was super helpful, but seeing all of the amazing typography and layouts of the business cards on Pinterest was a little depressing for a beginner. This comes as no surprise. As I mentioned last week, I have a tendency to get frustrated when I don’t pick things up right away.  That being said, I am still happy with the business card and letterhead I created myself. I felt much more confident navigating InDesign this week, and that was a relief. In the end, I was able to create something I felt was clean and simple, and that was really my goal from the beginning in terms of aesthetics. Would I necessarily present my work to the people over at the OkAC? Not necessarily. But I view this week as a win regardless. InDesign is looking more familiar, and the Pinterest part was fun, too.

My advice to students who will complete this assignment in the future: don’t stress too much! I felt much more prepared this week, and in the end, I found myself enjoying the process, even if I was still a little unsure about my abilities in InDesign.

Check out my finished letterhead and business card!


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