Communications Strategy

Since I began researching, I have been trying to visualize the business card I will be creating for the Oklahoma Arts Council and the message I want to communicate. Simplicity is important, but I also want to emphasize a feeling of community with the card, possibly by putting the mission statement or goal on the back of the card. The OkAC logo encapsulates the brand well and is modern but still “arty,” and is where I want the eye to be drawn. I like the idea of using other images, but I think that can get too cluttered and sometimes look a bit cheesy. This card will probably be type driven. Red is one of the colors used in the website for the logo, and could be a bold choice for a business card. However, red also feels very “Oklahoma” to me, and it should be used on the card in some way. Overall, my goal for this business card is something very clean and simple, but still eye catching. I want someone to be drawn to it and actually want to know the information it presents. But perhaps most importantly, I want it to really enhance the image of the Oklahoma Arts Council and be a tool to the organization.

Hopefully the train of thought above can be better visualized through my inspiration board and my mood board.


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