This week, we were asked to explore the programs in our digital toolbox-namely, Photoshop and InDesign. I worked a little bit with Photoshop in my photography classes in high school, but I never gained confidence in my ability to navigate the program. And in all honesty, I was completely unfamiliar with InDesign. Thus, I was extremely nervous to start this weeks assignment.

The tutorials on were helpful, and I at least got my bearings once again in Photoshop.Once I opened up the exercise files and started working along with the tutorial, some of the basics started coming back to me.  InDesign was a different story. It was daunting for me to begin with, and I found myself repeating many of the tutorial videos. The Newspaper Markup was a welcomed break, and I enjoyed getting to work finding the elements of a newspaper. It also made for a helpful visual. Finally, I just decided to dive into the Typsetting assignment and figure it out as I went along.

This proved to be very time consuming, and resulted in me getting frustrated at times. I felt like I was taking too long to complete the typesetting assignment…it seemed so easy! I felt as if I had never used a computer; suddenly everything on my keyboard and screen seemed foreign. Though the initial challenges did make finishing the assignment all the more rewarding, I was still frustrated that there were certain skills I just couldn’t grasp.

In no way was I surprised by my reaction to this assignment;  I definitely have a tendency to get frustrated with myself when I cannot produce a product I am happy with on the first try. This is definitely unrealistic, but I have always been somewhat of a perfectionist.  InDesign remains a challenge for me, but thankfully I’ve found additional resources to help me on Adobe forums and YouTube. Hopefully with more practice I can feel more comfortable with my next assignments.


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