Design Blitz

After watching the videos and reviewing the slides, I scoured my apartment for some examples of the design concepts discussed, which were easy to find once I knew what to look for. The postcard from Holland pictured below was one of the first things that caught my eye, mainly for its use of a variety of bold, complimentary colors. I was also drawn to the watercolor effect of the colors.


The advertisement below is confusing not only because I do not speak Czech, but also because it is so cluttered. This is a poor example of use of space. Between the text and the photos, the eye does no know where to look. There is just too much going on.


Though I understood what the creator of this business card was going for, I think it is an example of balance that just misses the mark. The colors and text are too divided, and it does not feel like one piece. Its almost like two separate business cards were printed on one.


The sticker below, which is from a hostel, is a good example of minimalism. The bold red against the white background is eye catching. It creates contrast that is attractive and interesting. I also think the off center placement of “Switzerland” creates some contrast as well and looks nice.


The fifth example of design I found was in another sticker, this time for an art exhibition. Though I think the dominance of the logo and the color work well here, I was most drawn to the typography of the logo. It is simple yet interesting and still easy to read and understand.



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